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2010 - present

2010 - present

Television (Selected)

Hawaii Five-0                                                               Guest Star                                CBS

Brooklyn Nine-Nine                                                      Guest Star                                FOX/Troy Miller

Grey’s Anatomy                                                            Co-Star                                     ABC/Stephen Cragg

The Mindy Project (Series Finale)                                Co-Star                                     Hulu/Michael Spiller

Training Day                                                                 Guest Star                                CBS/Louis Milito

Castle                                                                           Guest Star                                ABC/Jeff Bleckner

The Young and the Restless                                         Recurring                                  CBS

Criminal Minds                                                              Co-Star                                     CBS/John Gallagher

How I Met Your Mother                                                 Co-Star                                     CBS/Pamela Fryman

Awesometown (Pilot)                                                    Co-Star                                     ABC/Jesse Peretz

Kelly Clarkson “My Like Would Suck Without You”       Lead                                        Wayne Isham                     

Training & Workshops

James Caan / Val Lauren                                              Master Class                             Los Angeles

Terry Knickerbocker                                                      Master Class                             New York

John Patrick Shanley                                                    Master Class                             New York

Stuart Wilson                                                                Fight/Stunt Training                   Los Angeles

Warner Laughlin                                                           Scene Study                              Los Angeles

Bob Corff                                                                      Voice                                          Los Angeles

The Groundlings                                                          Comedy Improv (Advanced)      Los Angeles

Deborah Aquila/John Hindman                                    Script Analysis                           Los Angeles

Aaron Speiser                                                              Scene Study                              Los Angeles

Playhouse West (Mark Pellegrino/Tracy Aziz)             Meisner                                     Los Angeles


La Traviata                                                                    Flora’s Servant                          LA Opera

Some Mother’s Son                                                      Cig                                            Cal Arts

Burn This                                                                      Burton                                       Santa Monica College


Film (Selected)

Before the Dawn                                                           Lead                                         Jay Holben

Buttafuoco                                                                    Lead                                         ABC Studios

3 Texts (opp. Nicole Sullivan)                                                     Lead                                         Marty Fortney

Deadly Assistant                                                           Lead                                         Daphne Zuniga/Lifetime

The Christmas Switch                                                   Lead                                         Brian Herzlinger/Mar Vista Ent.

Jenny’s Wedding (opp. Katherine Heigl & Grace Gummer)                   Supporting Lead                       Mary Agnes Donoghue/IFC

Knock, Knock, Headlock                                               Lead                                         Mike Southerly

Angels Fallen                                                                Lead                                         Ali Zamani

eCupid                                                                          Lead                                         JC Calciano

Road to Moloch                                                            Supporting                                Duffer Brothers

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